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Mom-and-Baby Halloween Costume: Mrs. Potts and Chip

It’s time for another Mom-and-Baby Halloween Costume! I LOVE today’s costume. “Beauty and the Beast” was one of my favorite movies growing up. I watched it on repeat and would call my mom to come and sit with me during the wolves scene. So today I am sharing our Mrs. Potts and Chip Halloween costume.

Eeek, he is so cute. I hope he always loves costumes and Halloween. This is a simple, but SUPER cute costume. It’s a great costume for moms and boys, but could definitely be gender-neutral. Chip is a purple and gold teacup. Anyone can rock that look.

For my Mrs. Potts costume, I found this adorable apron and bonnet on Etsy! I love the simple concept of putting an apron over a dress you already own. I put it over a white dress, but you could put it over purple or turquoise too. Gold might be cute also, but there are lots of options here. I just threw the bonnet on my head. It has elastic and is made really well. I love a good Etsy find.

For Ben’s Chip costume, I also purchased his onesie on Etsy. I love this because it’s simple. I’m learning this year, more than last year, Ben is not into complicated concepts. He is 17 months for reference. He doesn’t like things on his head or too much costume. So this onesie was perfect. I put some yellow shorts on to match the yellow on the bottom of Chip’s teacup. So it was simple but adorable.

I just love this costume and can’t wait to share more. Check out our Giselle and Pip from “Enchanted” costume here!

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