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Mom-and-Baby Halloween costume: Giselle and Pip from Enchanted

I love today’s costume! LOVE. “Enchanted” is one of my favorite movies. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. It has an all-star cast and nobody can make fun of Disney quite like Disney. Today’s mom-and-baby costume is Giselle and Pip the chipmunk from the movie.

Mom-and-Baby Halloween costume: Giselle and Pip from Enchanted

Ok, you have to head to my Instagram and watch the reel from this one. Ben dressed as Pip the Chipmunk is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I have watched this reel more times than I can count just to see his happy little face in a chipmunk costume.

For my costume, I actually was going to wear this to the Bridgerton event in July. I had it narrowed down to two choices and was literally changing back-and-forth right before I left for the event. I ended up wearing the other dress (which you will see in another costume soon), but I wanted to do something with this one. So I thought Giselle would be perfect.

For my outfit, I purchased this white dress, then added gloves, a tiara, and pretty jewels. You can make the skirt bigger by adding a crinoline skirt underneath, but I do have to wrangle a toddler so I just left it as is. It’s also humid in Atlanta so my curls didn’t hold, but in October, hopefully, I could have more tight, spiral curls like Giselle.

For Ben’s Pip costume, I purchased this cutie chipmunk costume. In my “Incredibles” costume, I said Ben doesn’t like things on his head, but for some reason, he didn’t have a problem with this costume. Seriously you have to go watch the reel. It’s SO cute.


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