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Mom-and-Baby Halloween Costume: Fern and Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web

It’s time for our second mom-and-baby costume of the Halloween season. This one is special to me because I love the book “Charlotte’s Web.” It’s actually my favorite book of all time and I’m 31 years old. My mom gave it to me when my sister Charlotte was born in 1997 and it has been my favorite book ever since.

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The movies are ok. I prefer the fully animated version from 1973 over the Dakota Fanning version, but the book is superior. For today’s costume, we dressed as Fern and Wilbur. You could also do Charlotte and Wilbur, but I like Fern.

This is a VERY simple costume to put together. For the mom costume, you just wear some overalls (similar, similar, similar) over a bodysuit or t-shirt. For the piggy Wilbur costume, I purchased this one. It’s nice and cozy for a chilly evening too.

Plus how cute is my little dude as a little piggy?

This is a great gender-neutral option. All babies are cute as little piggies. I mentioned you could also do Charlotte and Wilbur if you wanted by wearing an all-black outfit. You can DIY some extra arms!

In case you missed it, here is the first costume from the mom-and-baby Halloween costume series this year. This one was Didi and Tommy Pickles from “Rugrats.”

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